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Polymer materials at interfaces


This pluridisciplinary team composed of chemists, physicists and biologists work together on subjects at the interface of polymer chemistry, physics and biology with a peculiar orientation to the single molecule analysis, ions and macromolecules transport in confined media, unfolding and refolding of proteins or DNA, biomimetic systems of industrial or therapeutic interest.

The research activities are oriented toward two main themes:

  • Fabrication and synthesis of nanopores: for single molecule analysis of synthetic or biological macromolecules, their translocation and their unfolding-refolding coupled to their transport
  • Biomaterials : polymeres for gene therapy or the industry, and biophysics of the cellular invasion linked to the extra-cellular matrix environnement.

Team Members

- Permanents

- PhD Students

  • N. Ein-Eli
  • H. Mamad
  • A. Morin
  • J. Roman
  • H. Hemouch

- Alumni

  • L. Auvray
  • E. Bertrand
  • F. Blin
  • B. Cressiot
  • L. Duarte
  • I. Faye
  • A. Fennouri
  • P. Guégan
  • C. Merstorf
  • L. Payet
  • G. Pereira
  • B. Razolonjatovo
  • R. Renia
  • E. Tarnaud