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Doctorant, équipe 2

    PhD research (2015-2018)

    My PhD project, funded by ANR-DYNAWIN, focuses on the characterization of aqueous interfaces by combining DFT based molecular dynamics (DFT-MD) simulations and vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy (vSFG).

    A new universal methodology has been developed in synergy between DFT-MD simulations and vSFG spectroscopy to disentangle second and third order contributions to vSFG, arising from different water layers at charged aqueous interfaces, fully ab-initio on the basis of water structural properties only.

    Thanks to this universal procedure, a correct interpretation of vSFG spectra can be achieved and the thickness of the interfacial regions probed in the experiments unravelled.1,2

    With a first application of our methodology to air-water interfaces, a specific interfacial H-Bonds structure has been discovered at the water surface: a 2-Dimensional H-Bond Network (2DN)3. The existence of the 2DN structure allows the rationalization of specific chemical and physical properties at planar and non-planar (water droplets) air-water interfaces, like surface tension, surface potential, atypical proton hopping mechanism, ions absorption, spectroscopic properties to cite a few3,4,5.

    These findings have been generalized and the 2DN structure has been found to be systematically the stable water arrangement at the interface with hydrophobic surfaces/media, with water thus exhibiting similar structural and dynamical properties at all such interfaces. This is currently under papers being written up and submitted.  

    Method: DFT-based molecular dynamics simulations. 




    Ecole doctorale

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    Inside the group with Daria R. Galimberti (Post-Doc, ANR DYNAWIN), Falvio Siro Brigiano (PhD), Fabrizio Creazzo (PhD, LABEX CHARM3AT), Louis Potier (PhD, ANR SLIMCAT), Sana Bougueroua (PhD , LABEX CHARM3AT UVSQ-UEVE & now Engineer in Informatics)

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    2. Pezzotti, S.; Galimberti, D. R.; Shen, Y. R.,  Gaigeot, M.-P. submitted to J. Phys. Chem. C  (2018)
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    5. Pezzotti, S.; Serva, A.; Bougueroua, S.;  Gaigeot, M.-P. J. Chem. Phys. (2018)
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