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Professeur des universités (Université d'Évry val d'Essonne)

    Short biography, Juan Pelta

    Juan Pelta is full professor of biochemistry and biophysics at Evry/Paris-Saclay University, biology department. He has been leading a team of biologists since 2005 (Cergy University) and the nanopore team at the LAMBE (Evry, CY universities, CNRS) since 2010. During his graduate studies in biophysics (LPS, Orsay) and postdoc (Rhône Poulenc Rorer), he made a significant contribution to the understanding of DNA aggregation by polyamines, proteins, lipid cationics and the resolubilisation of aggregates. He then worked (Lecturer at CY, 1997) on protein folding and protein gels enzymatic degradation. Since 2006, his activity has focused on nanopores, protein translocation, folding, peptide size and sequence discrimination, biomarker identification and battery parasitic species detection for energy storage, and molecular storage of information. He works also on mechanical behaviour of cell. He is co-founder of the DreamPore start-up. Since 2023, he is Honorable international committee member of Molecular sensing and imaging center" of Nanjing University.

    Main responsibilities

    • Co-director of the Ile de France “DIM Respore” (2017-2021, director C. Serre)
    • Member of the team direction, DIM MaTeRe since 2022 (director C. Serre).
    • Team leader of biologists group since 2005 (Cergy) and co-leader, of the Polymer Materials at Interfaces Team, in Evry LAMBE since 2010. Deputy director of the Laboratory LAMBE 2020 and 2021. Coordinator of thematic axis “sensing and self-healing” of Storex labex (RS2E, director JM Tarascon) since 2020.
    • Head department of biology, with 6 labs., Evry, 2015-2018.
    • EPFL, G. Van der Goot; York Univ., F. Anston; Roma Univ. M. Chinappi et B. Morozzo della Rocca; Ljubljana Univ., R. Dominko
    • C2N , G. Patriarche ; ENS Paris-Saclay, IDA, B. Le Piouffe ; Collège de France, JM Tarascon ; Hôpital Lariboisière, P. Manivet ; ISIS Strasbourg, JF Lutz
    • >4608 h.: biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics, physico-chemistry, biomaterials, nanobiology, nanotechnology, nanosciences, biotechnology, electrical sensors, nanopores, single molecular methods, data analysis, dynamics in confined medium. Scientific coordinator of the Chinese French school France of Excellence program of the French Embassy in China “From single molecule to single cell: fundamentals to applications”, 2015-2019.
    • Supervision of 9 post-docs, 11 PhD students (including 2 in progress), 10 M2 students.
    • 7 as PI and 13 as partner: (Arc, ACI, ANR, Genopole, DIM Respore, CNRS, ERA Net project, Sésame, DGA, BPI-iLab, PEPRs, IHU) 3500 k€.

    Scientific Production/Impact

    • >78 publications as co-author, all available via my google scholar profile 
    • 57 invited talks (>27 international conferences, >30 national conferences/workshops); Co-organization of 9 conferences (or workshops) and 6 scientific days. Scientific excellence award since 2014.

    Scientific reviewing activities

    • European research Council: ERC; ANR, tenure-track position, Ile de France; nature publishing group : Nature Nanotech., Nature biotech., Nature Chemistry, Nature com. : Referee à l’ACS : ACS Central; JACS, ACS Nano, NanoLetters, ACS sensors…,.; Elsevier: Advances in Colloid and Interface Science ; Cell press : CHEM ; Willey : small methods, advanced materials….
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