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Maître de conférences Hors Classe au département de Physique

(Université d'Évry val d'Essonne)

Laurent Bacri

    Together with Loïc Auvray, Laurent Bacri has played a pioneering role in advancing the field of nanopores in France from both a polymer physics and soft matter perspective. Over this period, he has cultivated expertise in understanding the dynamics of confined environments, such as nanopores. This research theme has enabled him to explore and contribute to the comprehension of the physical processes governing the confinement of individual biomolecules or nanoparticles. 

    His work has a multidisciplinary character, fostering collaborations with various scientific communities, including surface chemistry, microfluidics, nanomaterials physics, and biology, not only in France (such as ENS Paris-Saclay and C2N) but also across Europe (Freiburg, Bremen, Rome) and in the United States (University of Massachusetts). Over the past decade, his research has been predominantly focused on gaining insights into dynamic processes occurring within solid-state nanopores.

    Activités de recherche

    • Compréhension des processus physiques en milieux confinés.
    • Confinement et transport de chaînes de polymères (PEG), biopolymères (protéines, polysaccharides) dans des canaux protéiques.
    • Confinement et transports dans des nanopores solides.
    • Passivation et fonctionnalisation spécifiquesde nanopores solides.
    • Dispositifs microfluidiques.


    • Mesure de courants ioniques.
    • Microscopies optique et fluorescence.



    • Wallid Zebbiche, L3 Physique (2024)
    • Jun Du, Master 1 (2023)
    • Yuhua Cai PhD, CSC, ED SDSV, (2022-2025)
    • Izadora Mayumi Fujinami Tanimoto PhD, ED EOBE, (2018-2023)
    • Kamal Bouazza L3 Physique (2019)
    • Izadora Mayumi Fujinami Tanimoto  Master 2 Monabiphot (Nov 2018- Juillet 2019)
    • Izadora Mayumi Fujinami Tanimoto  Master 1 Monabiphot (Juillet-Octobre 2018)
    • Jean Roman PhD, ED SDSV, (2014-2018)
    • L1 PC: PPEI (TD9H), Scientific Programming  (15H TD)
    • L2 P: Oscillations, Electronics
    • L2 :  Fluid mechanics - Villebon Charpak Institute
    • L3PC: Fluid mechanics, Biophysics
    • M2 PolyBio Mat. (Paris-Saclay): Surface-interfaces (9H), confined media (15H)




    Ratinho, Laura; Bacri, Laurent; Thiebot, Bénédicte; Cressiot, Benjamin; Pelta, Juan Identification and Detection of a Peptide Biomarker and Its Enantiomer by Nanopore. ACS Cent. Sci.2024, 10, 6, 1167–1178. DOI:10.1021/acscentsci.4c00020



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    • Fujinami Tanimoto, Izadora Mayumi ; Zhang, Jiayi ; Cressiot, Benjamin ; Pioufle, Bruno Le ; Bacri, Laurent ; Pelta, Juan Dynamics of DNA Through Solid-state Nanopores Fabricated by Controlled Dielectric Breakdown Chemistry An Asian Journal 2022 , Vol. 17, No. 24 DOI: 10.1002/asia.202200888

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